How to install Cedral Terrace?

Easy to fit


Cedral Terrace is simple to fit. There’s no wet-cutting, nails or glue, so creating a seamless and sophisticated look is easy. The Cedral clips, and the ingenious little feet that hold the clips in place for easy screwing in, can be used with other installation systems if need be.




Cedral Terrace is available in two widths and four colours. Cutting it into the shape you need is easy, and we have ready-rounded planks for a beautiful finish.


1. Plan

Before you start installing, plan your layout thoroughly. We recommend drawing a site plan of the area. Then you can order the right amount and know there won't be mistakes. We recommend consulting local building bodes or regulations prior before you start laying in case you need permission or sign-off.


2. Storage

Cedral Terrace boards must be stored flat on a pallet, undercover, and in dry conditions. Stack the pallets in a way that the panels are ventilated.


3. Use the right tools & accessories

You don't need any specialist tools to install your Cedral Terrace. But you do need to use proper tools for cutting and drilling the planks. For cutting, that means either a jigsaw with a blade for fibre cement, or a circular handsaw with diamond-tipped blade. Cedral offers specially developed tools and clips to make installation easier and faster.


4. Stable underground

The ground you lay the frame on must be stable or you won't get a good result. The joists must be laid on a solid, flat surface such as concrete and must not be laid directly onto grass, uneven paving slabs or sand. Cedral Terrace goes on top of the joists. You may need to consult a structural engineer for the specifications of an appropriate sub-floor.


5. Subframe

The joists of the subframe must a maximum of 315 mm apart, and should be securely fixed to the sub-floor. Make sure that all joists are good quality. We recommend you build in a 1.5 % (5.4 degree) slope so the rain runs off.


6. Plank Installation

Start the installation of the decking in one corner using the clips to fix it to the joists. Then work across the terrace, finishing up in the opposite corner.


7. Finishing

Clean away any dust from cutting the planks before you start fixing the planks. For a perfect finish Cedral Terrace offers also ready-rounded planks for the edges of your terrace.

Need more installation tips?

Need more installation tips?

We designed Cedral to be straightforward and quick to install. You can find more details and information in the installation manual.

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