Timelessly beautiful facades

Facade cedral

Timelessly beautiful facades

At Cedral we believe in beautiful, lasting homes. That’s why we create beautiful weatherboards that exceed the highest standards. For a home with a perfect finish that will last a lifetime.

What is fibre cement?

Fibre cement combines the best of science and nature. It is an environmentally-friendly material made of wood, cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres and water. It allows for strong and high-performance cladding that adds value to your home.

Customize your home

Customize it to your home





For renovations and new builds

Here at Cedral we know how important it is to get the right look for your home. You want it to reflect your personality. At the same time, you want a home that stands the test of time. Our project gallery shows how Cedral meets your demands, whether it is for a new build or a renovation. Take a look and be inspired!

Visualise your project

Visualise your project

See how Cedral fits on your home. Load up a picture of your house, mark the cladding area, choose a colour and discover the result. 

Cedral Calculator

Estimate how many cladding you need to build your facade

Cedral Calculator

Now you know you want to use Cedral. The question is, what do you need? Thanks to our Cedral Calculator you can easily get a first estimate. All you need to do is enter a few simple measurements


See for yourself

Request a free sample of cladding

See for yourself

Planning to build your dream home? Renovating your existing home? Cedral is here to help you with a wide range of colours and accessories. Thanks to our many design options, Cedral helps you create your individual finish. Request your sample to find out.

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