How to create a child-friendly family garden?

Children want to discover, run around, make noise. If you have the space for it, create a garden where they can run free and discover. There is no better way than to keep them mentally and physically healthy and fit.

How to create a child-friendly family garden?

Child-friendly garden design

In the ideal case, you want to let your children run free in the garden, without too much supervision. This would require proper fencing so that the kids cannot get out onto the street or inadvertently bother the neighbours. And by the way, if your fence and gate are in good shape, you are also ready for that puppy that the kids have been asking for all along...

Of course, you don’t want to create a prison feeling. So, to keep your garden cosy and lush, the fence can be complemented with a hedge or shrubs. Or opt for trellises with vines or creepers that create a green and natural separation. And, at the same time it keeps nosey looks out.

How to create a child-friendly family garden?

Go for resistant

Children can get a bit careless in their enthusiasm. So, opt for robust garden elements that can withstand a bouncing ball or running kids who are playing tag. Therefore, we recommend larger shrubs and trees rather than fragile flower patches. It is also easier to play hide and seek behind bushes, than between tulips or hyacinths, of course.

If you plan a garden terrace, choose robust and low-maintenance decking boards, such as Cedral Terrace made of fibre cement. These boards are not only attractive in terms of design, but they also have a comfortable feel to them. Ideal to walk on them barefoot and gentle on children’s knees while playing.

They are also a safe bet, because the surface is non-slip, even when wet. Fibre-cement boards don’t splinter or crack, and they are fire resistant thanks to their innovative composition. The ideal choice against little and big accidents.

Want to see and feel it for yourself?

How to create a child-friendly family garden?

Don’t forget about the fun

Children’s fantasy is endless, so they are likely to invent their own games and activities. But you can help them along a bit. A sand box stimulates the architect and builder in your child while the most amazing sand castles take shape. Give them their own vegetable patch to train their green fingers. Or what do you think of a** tree house or cabana** for the kids. No better way to create future fond memories of their childhood.

If your garden is big enough, you can divide it in different zones, for instance with terraces in different colours, directions or sizes of decking boards. The young ones can have their territory and you can have your haven of tranquillity, with your lounging chairs or the barbecue. One thing is sure, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of your Cedral Terraces. Thanks to its special UV-resistant colour coating, the decking boards do not need to be painted or oiled.

How to create a child-friendly family garden?

Keeping it safe

A pond or a pool is great to have in your garden too. No better entertainment than playing with water on a warm summer day. However, make sure the little ones don’t get in or fall in when you’re not watching. This won’t easily happen with a raised basin, or build walls with gates around the water areas to keep toddlers out. With climbing plants you can give those walls a more homely look and feel.

Last but not least, make it easy to venture out into your garden. Foresee well laid paths and stairs that lead to the different areas of your garden. Make sure they are also stable and safe to walk on in the rain, and after dark. With professionally installed and concealed lighting, you can bring sufficient brightness into your garden to see where you are going, and at the same time giving your garden that magic touch after sunset.