How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

If you are lucky to have some accessible space on your roof, you can take full advantage of it by creating a haven of peace above the hustle and bustle of the surroundings. With our 5 tips, you create a blissful outside living area to relax or entertain friends.

How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

1. A resistant and comfortable floor

First of all, make sure your flat roof is built to carry enough weight. Don’t only think of the people you will invite, but also about the (heavy!) plants and furniture you want to use for the decoration. But if the load capacity of the roof itself is not big enough, there are floating systems that rest on the walls instead of the roof proper.

Next is the choice of flooring, the basis of your new outdoor dream space. We recommend Cedral Terrace because of its many advantages. The fibre-cement terrace planks are not only durable and robust, they also come in different trendy colours and widths. Thanks to the innovative production process, the surface is non-slippery and soft to the touch, ideal for walking barefoot on it or for playing children. And it is easy to install.

How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

2. Protection against the sun and nosey looks

For the ideal setup of your rooftop terrace, you need to go up there and have a good look around. What other buildings are around? It is not so much about what you see, but who can see you. With cleverly chosen privacy screens or strategically placed plants, you can keep the looks of nosey neighbours out.

Chances are that you want to enjoy your terrace on sunny days, but you don’t want get sunburn. Think of creating shady areas, depending on the exposure. You can create a canopy structure with climbing plants or fix some of those trendy, colourful sunshade sails across your terrace. Or the simplest and most flexible solution, without any fixtures, is a parasol.

However, make sure all your rooftop trimmings are secured and resistant to the wind, as your terrace is likely to be exposed.

How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

3. A cosy sitting or lounging corner

Next, think of what you want to use your rooftop terrace for: reading a book, having a nap, entertaining friends, children playing, terrace gardening, yoga… This will largely tell you what kind of furniture you need for your rooftop haven. Garden or patio furniture is weather resistant, so you don’t need to move it in and out all the time, but think how you can easily get it to your terrace (stairwell, elevator?).

Complement the basic setting with some colour-matched rugs and cushions (preferably weather resistant) for that finishing touch. Also think about stackable or foldable chairs and tables, that you can use flexibly (to put in the sun or shade) and bring inside in winter. Or foresee 2 sturdy hooks in the wall to attach your hammock for that ultimate siesta.

For the best terrace feel, always design towards the view.

How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

4. Decoration to create your oasis

With tasteful decoration, you can lift your rooftop terrace to the next level. Go for a jungle feel with many plants and flowers, especially if gardening is your thing. But if it isn’t, no worries, just go for robust decorative trees that don’t need a lot of attention. Potted plants have the advantage that you can easily move them around according to your mood or occasion.

An ugly wall? What about a bamboo, reed or wooden cover to hide it. Natural materials give you that cosy feeling, but sometimes have a shorter lifespan. There are many garden screens around nowadays of more resistant materials that also look good.

How to create the perfect rooftop terrace?

5. Little extras that make a big difference

Electricity! Chances are that the builders didn’t foresee power outlets on your roof. This is an investment that is worth its while, in case you want to listen to music, charge your phone or tablet, use an electrical appliance… And if you don’t want to be forced inside as soon as the sun goes down, also foresee wall lights for extra ambience, but also security. Make sure that all the electric fittings are rainproof.

And if you want to go all the way, what about a water fountain? It gives your rooftop terrace a focal point. The running water provides a babbling, calm atmosphere and muffles noises from the street. Or install a firepit or barbecue to please your guests and yourself. Luckily the Cedral Terrace planks are certified fire resistant.