7 steps for successful installation

7 steps for successful installation

1. Storage

Store horizontally on a flat surface. Protect the boards from the weather using sheets or store them somewhere dry.

7 steps for successful installation

2. Handling

The weatherboards should be carried by two people, holding them by the edge.

When transporting Cedral Click on pallets, always position the weatherboards tongue against tongue and groove against groove.

7 steps for successful installation

3. Planning

Plan your work upfront in order to ensure the best possible site organisation.

We also recommend consulting your local town planning regulations before you start working to ensure you have the necessary permits and comply with all requirements.

Follow both the installation and safety instructions.

7 steps for successful installation

4. Implementation

We recommend using the appropriate tools for cutting and drilling Cedral weatherboards.

Circular saw: saw blade with carbide teeth Bosch T141 HM type

Hand-held circular saw: diamond saw blade with Leitz fibre-cement tab

In all cases, sawing and drilling must be done in a dry place and the slat board must be supported. Get rid of sawing and drilling dust straightaway. Remove minor dirt with a gentle household detergent and rinse with clean water.

7 steps for successful installation

5. Supporting structure

The wooden vertical support beams have a minimum 65 x 50 mm section for installation with a bracket and 65 x 30 mm if installed directly on a support.

The maximum spacing between beams is 60 0mm.

7 steps for successful installation

6. Ventilation

In all cases, foresee a ventilated space of 20 mm minimum and provide a 10 mm/m minimum ventilation hole top and bottom.

7 steps for successful installation

7. Fixing

Start at the bottom of the fa├žade by installing a Cedral starting profile and the required aluminium profiles. The starting profile is placed perfectly level and attached with appropriate countersunk screws which do not interfere with installing the first Cedral slat board.

Attach Cedral Click with a staple laid flat on the beam. Screw Cedral Lap to the beam with an overlap of 30 mm.

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