PVC, wood or fibre cement for your façade?

Your façade cladding must be able to withstand the elements, insects, algae and other moulds

Which best stands the test of time?

When considering weatherboard cladding, the two main considerations are always appearance, and safety. Will your cladding still look as good as the day you install it after 50 years of being exposed to bleaching sunshine, bad weather, insects and algae? And are you confident that your cladding is non-combustible, how will it hold up under extreme heat?

Durability of your façade is key, what's best - PVC, Wood or Fibre cement Panels?

Durability and performance

Construction standards are becoming increasingly strict and will be even more stringent in the future. You should factor this into your plans and clad your project with a material that is durable over time, guaranteeing the best possible thermal performance and has the lowest carbon footprint.

Cedral Installation & Maintenance comparison table

Installation and Maintenance

Cedral fibre cement cladding can be installed by one of our recognised Cedral Select Installers, or you can install it yourself with the help of our installation guides. Whichever route you choose, Cedral fibre cement weatherboards are very simple to maintain and can be done by the home owner with ease.

So which façade cladding should you choose for your house? It all depends on your requirements in terms of aesthetics, durability and budget. If you want a façade that lasts a long time, requires little maintenance and can be customised as you wish, fibre cement panels could well be the ideal purchase. Feel free to contact us to find out more.