Cedral slates and accessories



A premium fibre cement slate with the attractive appearance of a natural slate



Our economy roof slate product, available in a deep black colour

Natural slates

Torres Natural Slate

Torres Natural Slate

Short Description: A top quality natural slate, with a textured surface in mid-grey colour

Molina Natural Slate

Molina Natural Slate

Short Description: A high quality natural slate with a coarse textured surface in a blue grey colour

Discover our company history

Discover our company history

Discover our company history

With over 100 years’ experience, Etex has grown from a small Belgian family business 'Eternit' into an international industrial group and has perfected the manufacturing of fibre cement building materials.

Cedral is designed for homeowners and is committed to build more beautiful homes around the world, to continuously improve existing materials and to drive innovation to generate new products and solutions.

Design Flexibility

Create stunning facades from our unique and beautiful selection of fibre cement materials

Easy Installation

Installation is simple: whether you're planning to install Cedral yourself or use a trained professional, we're here to help.

Low Maintenance

Our durable and resilient facade products demand minimal upkeep, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

Added Value

Enhance your property's appeal and value with our premium fibre cement facade solutions.


Our fibre cement materials have a long life expectancy and provide long-term protection against weather and wear.


We want to build a more durable world and bring sustainability to life.

An ideal Alternative

Cedral slates are an ideal alternative for your roof. As Cedral fibre cement slates are made in our factories, it allows us to apply different colours and create different sizes; all while being uniform in size. Combined with different finishes, the aesthetic effects are virtually endless. This gives you many possibilities to express your individuality with your home.

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