Molina Natural Slate



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Cedral offers a range of classical natural slates, sourced from the worlds foremost quarries. This ensures the highest quality selection available in the Irish market. Suberbly practical, durable and low maintenance, natural slates typically have a natural tonal variation that will add character and beauty to your home.

Molina Natural Slates are sourced from Northern Spain. Their coarse texture and blue grey colour will give any roof a natural, traditional look.

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  • Durable, high quality natural slate
  • Sourced from northern Spain
  • Blue-grey colour
  • Coarse textured surface
  • 50 year guarantee
  • Natural tonal variation
  • Adds character to a roof and home


Technical Specifications

  Product Length Nominal (mm) Product Width Nominal (mm) Minimum Pitch (deg) Minimum Gauge (mm) Maximum Gauge (mm) Covering Capacity /m2 min Headlap Covering Capacity /m2 max Headlap Average weight per slate - kg (approx) Slate size (mm)
Molina Slate 600x300 600 300 25 245 250 13.1 13.4 2.68 5-6
Molina Slate 500x250 500 250 25 195 200 19.6 19.9 1.75 5-6

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