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Cedral (formerly called Tegral in Ireland) is the residential sector of Etex Ireland which are part of the global building materials group, Etex.
Both Etex Ireland, and Etex as a worldwide entity have been leading the way in terms of light weight construction and environmental impact of construction for decades. At the forefront of sustainability, Etex Ireland are proud to be the only fibre cement manufacturer in the world to be rated 'Excellent' under the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing, which is the highest rating available.

The company has fostered a strong environmental awareness among its workforce and invests a range of resources into achieving tangible environmental progress through its ongoing environmental improvement programme, as part of the ISO 14001 standard. Etex is also fully committed to the maintenance of a healthy and safe environment for its employees, customers and the local communities and operates its ongoing certification to the ISO 45001 Safety Management System. The company is also certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management to ensure our organisation achieves consistent levels of quality (Click to view certificate).

Annual audits provide third-party assessment and verification of our efforts to manage our environment and social impacts.


At Etex, we are committed to maintaining a sustainable environment and are certified to the NSAI Standard ISO 14001. A key factor in maintaining this standard is minimising the carbon impact of its operations. Raw materials, manufacturing (fuel and power) and transport are the most significant contributors to the company’s carbon impact.

You can read our full STAKEHOLDER REPORT on our environmental actions here.


Responsible Sourcing

Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable building, we are proud to be the only fibre cement manufacturer in the world to be rated 'Excellent' under the BES 6001 standard for responsible sourcing, which is the highest rating available. Adoption of the BES 6001 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing enables us to take a more responsible and sustainable approach to the sourcing of the materials that go into making our products. The BRE standard BES 6001 has been published to enable construction product manufacturers, like Etex, to ensure and then prove that their products have been made with constituent materials that have been responsibly sourced.

Cement suppliers are chosen for their proximity to factories in order to minimise transport distances. Wood cellulose for fibre cement production is sourced from eco-certified plantations (FSC & PEFC). Timber used in our pallets are sourced from FSC managed forests, and wherever possible, recyclable cardboard and plastics are used for banding, interleaves, bags and boxes.

To read more about the BES 6001 Framework, click here.

Community Activities

Etex takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously and is actively involved in all aspects of the local community through sponsorship of people, clubs, teams and events that cover sports, education, social, arts and culture. Our sense of social responsibility is rooted in our determination to keep our business aligned with the economic, social and environmental interests of society. Our business can only succeed if we comply with the principles of sustainable development.

Consequently, we must ensure that respect – for the people we work with, the communities we live in, and the environment we operate in - is at the very core of our activities.

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Recruitment and Training

Our direct employees are mostly recruited from within communities local to our facilities in Athy, Co. Kildare. We have over 150 direct employees within our business but create employment for many more within the local community through our policy of sourcing materials and services from local businesses, wherever possible. Where our needs cannot be met by a local company, we try to use national companies with operations local to our sites, to ensure our contribution to the local employment market and local economy is maintained at the highest possible level.

We have also donated materials and technical guidance to help support training programmes and develop roofing skills with students at second and third level training institutions.

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Contact our factory

At Etex we understand that the manufacturing of our products and associated activities impact on the local community. This is why we are committed to providing local stakeholders with the facility to raise concerns, make complaints, or request information regarding our factory site. Should you wish to do so, enter your details below and the relevant information using the form provided. Once received, we will endeavour to respond to you in writing within ten working days.

This form is solely for the purpose outlined above. We will be happy to deal with any other matters including enquiries, technical assistance, literature, or sample requests via our 'Contact Us' options on our footer below.