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Back in 2015, we proudly launched the Tegral Academy as part of our initiative to raise the standards of roofing in Ireland. Still today it remains Ireland's only dedicated roofing training centre. Since then we have welcomed over 1,000 roofers into our factory and training centre in Co. Kildare.

With the transition from Tegral Building Products to Cedral, our academy has evolved into the Cedral Academy. We are excited to now include both roof and façade training in our free, one-day course. We remain Ireland's sole manufacturer of fibre cement slates and proud Guaranteed Irish members, committed to supporting local products and jobs while continually raising roofing standards.

What to expect on the day?

Roofing Construction Training:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Attendees will gain in-depth knowledge of best practice standards in roofing construction and how to install Cedral roofing products.
  • Free One-Day Course: This unique training explains the manufacturing process of Cedral roofing products, correct installation methods, and highlights their unique features and benefits.
  • Up-to-date Insights: Learn about current roofing regulations in Ireland and get up to speed with the latest roofing components, such as ventilation products.
  • Hands-on Experience: See practical demonstrations of roofing installations and learn how to avoid common mistakes in roofing.
  • Professional Recognition: Become a Cedral Recommended Roofing Contractor and understand the complete lifecycle of Cedral fibre cement roofing slates.

Fibre Cement Façade Training:

  • Specification Benefits: Explain the benefits and reasons for specifying fibre cement weatherboards in building projects.
  • Ventilated Facades: Identify the importance of ventilated facades and the principles of effective ventilation.
  • Diverse Applications: Recognize the diverse applications of fibre cement weatherboards, including compatible substrates and appropriate installation practices and patterns.
  • Trims and Profiles: Describe the various trims, junction profiles, window, and door reveals used in fibre cement façade installations.
  • Compliance and Certification: Understand compliance and certification requirements related to fibre cement weatherboards.
  • Structural Considerations: Analyze structural considerations, strength, stability, and durability of fibre cement façade systems.
  • Fire and Thermal Performance: Assess the fire resistance and thermal performance characteristics of fibre cement weatherboards.

The Cedral Academy remains a centre of excellence dedicated to the advancement of both roofing and façade construction.

The Cedral Academy has a well-equipped workshop which includes a selection of custom-made roof rigs to enable delegates to experience ‘hands-on’ practical sessions with the products. Delegates are taught by our in-house Technical Advisor and we will continue to offer support through our sales force.

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