PVC, wood or fibre cement for your façade?

Whether you are building or renovating, energy efficiency and heat retention is a key issue. A popular method is to install wall insulation on the outside of your property, but what kind of façade cladding should be placed over it? PVC, wood, fibre cement panels? This comparison should help you.

Your façade cladding must be able to withstand the elements, insects, algae and other moulds

Which best stands the test of time?

Your façade cladding must be able to withstand the elements, insects, algae and other moulds. You’ll also be glad to know that it’s non-combustible. The fact that you don’t have to change it after a few years will also put a smile on your face!

Durability of your façade is key

Durability and performance

Construction standards are becoming increasingly strict and will be even more stringent in the future. You should factor this into your plans and clad your project with a material that is durable over time, guaranteeing the best possible thermal performance and has the lowest carbon footprint.

Cedral Installation & Maintenance comparison table

Installation and Maintenance

There is an increasing amount of competent DIY fanatics out there, some of which don’t think twice about installing their façade cladding themselves. So we might as well make it easy for them. We take the same approach to maintenance, by the way. And if you can get it done without breaking the bank, why that’s even better!

So which façade cladding should you choose for your house? It all depends on your requirements in terms of aesthetics, durability and budget. If you want a façade that lasts a long time, requires little maintenance and can be customised as you wish, fibre cement panels could well be the ideal purchase. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

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