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Elevate your building's aesthetics with our exceptional fibre cement cladding. Offering premium quality across four unique collections, we provide the perfect blend of durability and sophistication.



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Advantages of a ventilated facade

Advantages of a ventilated facade

Advantages of a ventilated facade

  • Increases energy efficiency - The rainscreen cladding makes it easier for the building to be cooler during summer and warmer during winter, favouring both thermal comfort and energy saving.

  • Improves thermal and acoustic insulation - By combining an insulation layer with the rainscreen cladding system,it can help improve both the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building.

  • Helps reduces condensation and humidity - The ventilated air cavity improves the durability of the exterior cladding material by keeping it dry. The facade’s lifetime is even longer when using a durable and resistant material like fibre cement.



Cedral suits every style

Cedral is ideal as an over-clad solution for existing properties, or as part of a new build facade. Available in a wide selection of factory applied colours, enabling homeowners and architects to create striking, individual homes, which are low maintenance.

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Design Collection

A monochromatic palette, curated to highlight the lines of your home and make bold design statements.

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Expressive Collection

A rich palette designed to complement and contrast existing materials.

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Natural Collection

A colour palette guided by nature to build homes in harmony with their surrounding.

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Classic Collection

A harmonious colour palette selected to create a calming and inviting atmosphere.

What are the benefits of fibre cement cladding?

Low maintenance

Cedral cladding is low maintenance and does not require regular upkeep or repainting

Durability & Longevity

Our fibre cement cladding materials are extremely durable with a minimum life expectancy of 50 years

Excellent weather and pest resistance

Cedral facades stand up to the harshest weather conditions and are immune to attack by pests and insects

Resistant to damp and bacteria

Fibre cement doesn’t rot, rust, warp or crack and is bacteria and algae resistant

Excellent fire performance classification

Cedral has a long-standing commitment to ensuring our facade materials comprehensively meet the fire performance classification A2-s1,d0 to EN 13501-1:2018

Ease of installation

A complete and easy to install cladding solution with comprehensive step by step guides

Whose installing your Cedral Cladding?

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Connect with a Cedral Select Professional installer

Changing the look of your home is a substantial investment, so you want to make sure you work with skilled and reliable professionals that ensure the highest standard of workmanship. That’s where our network of professional installers come in. All our certified installers have been carefully selected and we offer them ongoing training and technical support.

By working with one of our installers, you can be confident your Cedral facade is installed according to our recommendations and with the highest standards, offering you peace of mind.

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Do it yourself

Installing slates requires technical skills which may mean you want to connect with a professional installer, but if you are looking for a facade material to install yourself, Cedral cladding is the solution. We have a comprehensive range of fixing guides and videos to help you, as well as a dedicated technical team on hand to offer support.

Discover more about our step-by-step fixing guides and installation videos.

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Cedral fibre cement facades.

Whether you are renovating or building from new, explore the advantages of using Cedral on your home.


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