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A quality club for facade professional installer

What is Cedral Select?

What is Cedral Select?

Cedral Select is a quality label for professional Cedral facade installers. All Cedral Select members are trained and are the first to know about any product or installation innovations. But it’s more than that. If you become a Cedral Select Partner, you will also receive qualified quote requests from interested homeowners. As a Cedral Select member (or partner) you will be able to qualify for all sorts of incentives and events for our quality club members.

Why did we launch Cedral Select?

Cedral Select Professional Installation

Why did we launch Cedral Select?

Installers are true crafts people and passionate about their work, but there are more things to the job than the installation itself:

  • Getting your name out there;
  • Finding the right homeowners and qualified quote requests;
  • Staying up to speed with the latest innovations;

We at Cedral are passionate about our products and providing the best possible service to our customers, so we need good installers to turn our quality products into beautiful homes.

Together we can do so much more

Cedral Select: types of memberships

Cedral Select: types of memberships



Cedral Select Professional Members

  • Actively promote Cedral products
  • Respect Cedral installation guidelines
  • Are trained and validated

Cedral Select Professional Partners

  • Have all characteristics of a Cedral Select Professional member
  • Receive & follow up on quote requests


Cedral Select advantages

Cedral Select advantages

Cedral Select Professional Services 



Cedral Select Members

Cedral Select Partners

Access to the Cedral Select Professional Platform
Listed as trained installers on www.cedral.world
Technical training
Commercial training
Welcome Package
Technical support
Access to Cedral branding
Loyalty Platform   *
Sales toolkit (towards Homeowner) On request
Quote requests via platform  
Actively recommend on platform as partner  

* Partners receive more points and therefore have access to more incentives on the loyalty platform

How to become a Cedral Select Professional installer?

How to become a Cedral Select Professional installer?



Requirements for Cedral Select

Facade installers

You attend the Cedral Select Professional training course

You pass an annual technical validation

You agree to work according to Cedral installation guidelines

You agree on complying with local H&S laws

You use all necessary Cedral Accessories when installing Cedral Facades 

Share project photos with Cedral to be used as case studies, a great way to promote your business!*

*homeowner's permission required


The onboarding process for

Facade installers

Training > Validation > Membership

1. Training

To ensure you are fully familiar with our products we provide Cedral Select Professional installers with training and instructions.
This way we ensure homeowners they will find a trusted professional to work on their home.
Our training helps installers learn new skills, improve their work quality and stay up-to-date with technical specifications.

2. Validation

After the training we organise a final technical validation of one of your work sites with Cedral Products. These technical validations return annually to maintain high quality standards.

3. Membership

You're then on the Cedral website for local people to find you when they have a facade project. For partners, you'll start receiving quote requests to start winning new work!


Promoting your business

Promoting your business

As a certified Cedral Select Professional installer, your profile will be promoted across our sites, ensuring your profile is elevated with Cedral Select!

Listed on Cedral website

All Cedral Select Professional installers will be promoted on our interactive installer map, located on our website. So should a homeowner search their area for a certified installer, your profile will be displayed, offering you great visability! 

Cedral Select Professional profile page

On top of that, Cedral Select Professional Partners will have a profile listed on the quote request system. So when a homeowner chooses to request a quote, they can view your profile and you can receive ratings to showcase your excellent work and customer service! 

Your dedicated profile

As a Partner you can totally personalise your profile to make it unique and bespoke to you and is a great way to show off completed work using Cedral! 

Ready to become a Cedral Select Professional?

Whether you'd like more information or would like to start the process to become part of Cedral Select, speak to our dedicated team today! 

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