Choose your Colour

Choose your Colour

Unsure as to which Cedral product is right for your project? Simply choose between the contemporary Cedral Click or more traditional Cedral Lap, then select a finish and the right colour in the tool below to request your FREE product samples (2 available per request).

Customise your home

Customise it to your home


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Visualise your own project

Visualise your own project

See how Cedral looks on your home. Upload a picture of your house, mark the cladding area, choose a colour and see the result. 

Cedral Calculator

Estimate how many cladding you need to build your facade

Cedral Calculator

Now you have chosen Cedral for your project, what do you need? Thanks to our Cedral Calculator, you can easily get a list of everything you need. All you need to do is enter a few simple measurements.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a fully fitted quote, try our new online platform where you can get an estimated cost and contact a certified Cedral Select Professional installer.

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Get a quick price estimate and connect with your local certified Cedral Select Professional installer to arrange professional installation.