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Cedral Rivendale slates are designed to reflect the qualities of natural slate. Available in Blue-Black or Cromleigh Graphite, Rivendale slates have a beautifully textured surface and dressed edges, combining the benefit of modern slate technology with the look of a natural slate. 

With more cement and fibres than any other, Cedral slates are the strongest slates in the market, tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions.

A light-weight material, our slates contribute to eco-construction and respect the environment, allowing you to reduce the carbon footprint considerably of any build.

Rivendale Benefits and Sizes

  • Strongest fibre cement slate available
  • Best fixed roofing material with 40 fixings per m2
  • Perfect for our volatile weather conditions
  • Maximum design scope with various colours and fixing option for both roof and facade
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainable products with low carbon footprint of 16 CO2e/m2
  • Rated “Very Good” to BES 6001 for responsible sourcing
  • A+ Green Guide Rating

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600mm x 300mm
Cromleigh Graphite
600mm x 300mm

Technical data

Size of slate 600mm x 300mm

Minimum pitch**: Moderate exposure

22.5° (100mm lap)
20° (110mm lap)
Minimum pitch**: Severe exposure 25° (100mm lap)
22.5° (110mm lap)
Maximum pitch 90°
Typical laps 100, 110mm
Slate hooks Hook fixed 100 -150mm
Maximum gauge 245 - 250mm
Slate thickness 4mm
Covering capacity (net)

13.4 slates/m2 at 100mm lap
13.6 slates/m2 at 110mm lap
14.8 slates/m2 at 150mm lap

Weight of slating (approx)

20.4 kg/m2 (0.20 kN/m2) at 100mm lap
20.9 kg/m2 (0.20 kN/m2) at 110mm lap
22.8 kg/m² (0.20kN/m2) at 150mm lap

Battens required (net)

4.00 lin.m/m2 at 100mm lap
4.08 lin.m/m2 at 110mm lap
4.45 lin.m/m2 at 150mm lap

Batten size recommended (fixed to BS 5534)
50 x 25mm for rafters/supports not exceeding 600mm centres
Fixings Slate nails (30 x 2.65mm)
Copper disc rivets (19mm dia. x 2mm stem)
Fitting Screws
14 gauge self sealing
Slate hooks*** Length to equal to lap
Authority BS EN 492

Cedral fibre cement slates meet the strength requirement of BS EN 492, achieving an average bending movement greater than 50 NM/M (Class B). The slates also have a minimum density of 1700 kg/m3 and a nominal thickness of 4mm.

*Made to order

**The minimum recommended pitch and lap may be influenced by special circumstances, please contact the Technical Advisory Team for further information

***When using slate hooks the perimeters /local areas (as defined in BS 5534) will require nails and rivets