Cedral Facades - The Importance of Ventilation

Cladding is a popular option to give homes a wow-factor finish that is hard-wearing, long lasting and low maintenance. But remember, when planning your cladding project, it’s very important to consider ventilation.

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In warm weather, ventilation is necessary to prevent the cladding – and subsequently the building – from overheating, while in colder, damper weather it will stop the build-up of moisture and condensation.

Cedral Facades are installed using the ventilated rainscreen system. A cavity is created between the wall insulation or substructure and the cladding, allowing air to flow in at the base and out at the top. This ‘chimney effect’ helps to maintain an ambient air temperature year-round, effectively protecting against moisture.

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In hot weather, air can rise to the top leaving space below for cool air to enter and keep the building cool. In wet weather, the air flow allows the cladding to dry quickly, preventing a build-up of condensation.

Ventilation is also required around all windows and doors, to reduce condensation and humidity coming from inside and outside the building. The same principle also applies to any fittings on the facade, such as gas or services boxes, as our video shows.

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Perforated closures should be installed at the top and bottom of the facade boards and around each door, window head and sill to protect against entry by birds, rodents and some insects.

As well as protecting the insulation or substructure against moisture, the ventilation gap enables rapid drying of external walls to reduce condensation and humidity, and also offers fire, sound, heat and weather protection.

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Other advantages of installing a ventilated wall include increased energy efficiency, reduced structural movement of the building and extended lifetime of the facade. Read about these and other potential benefits in our blog on why you should choose a ventilated facade.

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Learn more about the rainscreen principle and the importance of ventilation in our video.

Or course, we are well aware that each cladding and ventilation project is different. If you would like to speak to one of our technical team about your particular project, please contact us at techuk@etexgroup.com or call 01283 501505.

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