Cedral fits perfectly to modular construction

Prefab buildings? Once considered a cheap and ugly solution, modular construction has changed its reputation. Nowadays, the booming PropTech industry is rediscovering the advantages of modular building technology: it is fast, eco-friendly and just as gorgeous as the architect’s ideas. And Cedral has the perfect cladding panels to add the finishing touch.

Cedral fits perfectly to modular construction

Modular construction: what’s in a name?

When talking about modular construction, we refer to buildings that are assembled on-site with in-factory built modules, no matter if these elements are made of wood, steel or even concrete.

There are two types of modular construction. On the one hand, there are the better-known relocatable buildings such as tiny houses, temporary dwellings, cabins and so one. They can easily be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere. On the other hand, modular building technology is increasingly used for larger permanent constructions. The Marriott Hotel in New-York, for instance, is the tallest modular hotel in the world.

Cedral fits perfectly to modular construction

Why is modular building booming?

According to the Modular Building Institute, in 2020, the modular construction market has grown by 15% compared to 2017. The modular approach was rediscovered and revamped by the PropTech sector. Thanks to the increased quality, modular construction is now also used in high-end commercial real estate projects.

The speed of building remains of course one of the main advantages – the faster it’s built, the faster it generates revenue - but eco-friendly arguments also convince ever more contractors and clients. Modular building is more energy efficient and it requires less transport. And because modular buildings can be easily disassembled for reuse or recycling, their ecological impact is reduced to the minimum.°

Modular construction with fibre-cement cladding in Wormer, The Netherlands

Cedral cladding makes modular buildings shine

Nothing worse than a building that looks ugly or cheap. That’s where Cedral cladding comes in. Its cladding panels are easy to install, ideal for modular construction companies. But they also come in a diverse range of styles (tongue & groove, flush-fit, wood effect or smooth) and factory-applied colours: everything you need to add a stylish finishing touch to any building.

The Cedral fibre-cement weatherboards are extremely durable and low maintenance. This adds an additional layer of protection against the elements, and minimizes the need for (re)painting. Minor dirt can simply be washed away with water and detergent. Moreover, fibre-cement is fire resistant, which is particularly useful for wooden constructions.

Cedral fits perfectly to modular construction

Some stylish Cedral applications

You can find an example of modular construction with fibre-cement cladding in Wormer, The Netherlands. Plegt-Vos Houtindustry built a new estate consisting of 44 modular houses, stylishly finished with Cedral façade panels.

Also the developers of Faktor10 used Cedral façade-cladding on a concrete frame construction with a prefabricated wooden façade for their ecological building project Wohnsinn II in Darmstadt-Kranichstein, Germany. The weatherboards and the layer of air behind them protect the construction from the weather and guarantees maximum living comfort for the 83 residential units. Thanks to the high-quality coating of the panels, there is no need to paint the surfaces regularly. The developers also choose Cedral because of its low environmental impact according to the ISO 14025 life cycle assessment.

Conclusion: modularity is the new chic

Modular construction is no longer a synonym for ugly and low cost. Innovative technologies, such as modern fibre-cement cladding, offer a new range of possibilities for architectural creations. There are virtually no limits in combination with modular building. Modular construction is not only fast, it is also eco-friendly due to its positive impact on the environment.

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