When is the best time to start your facade renovation project?

Is there an ideal moment to start your facade renovation project? Well, if we analyse the weather reports, it seems like the period stretching between the end of the spring and the beginning of the summer is the best one to install or replace your facade. The main reason therefor is that the weather then is extremely stable - low rainfall, constant temperature, no strong winds. It is thus favourable for renovation. So, now that you know when to do it, allow us to share with you a few tips to keep in mind before starting any construction works?

A damaged façade that might need renovation works.

Before we get into the meat of it, what's the ideal frequency of a facade renovation?

Well, the period between each renovation will deeply vary as it depends on the material you opted for in the first place, the weather conditions of your region as well as other external factors. However, and according to experts, facade repairs should be carried out once every 10 years. The lifespan of your facade is also impacted by the way you care for it. Regular inspections of your facade will help you detect emerging issues that minor maintenance interventions can solve, prolonging, by this fact, its life.

You might also decide to start a facade renovation project for other reasons. Even though your sidings are still in good condition, the thermal performances of your house might require insulation work (). As a matter of fact, heat losses in the building, i.e. thermal bridges resulting from improper insulation, are an absolute factor in favour of starting the renovation as soon as possible. Replacing your facade then becomes one of the several stages of a thermo-modernization project. ^

A garden at the end of the spring with a house in the background: good weather conditions are key for a successful renovation project.

Which weather is best for a renovation?

As already mentioned in the first paragraph and according to the art of construction, such works are best planned for the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Given the low rainfall hence the adequate level of humidity, and the amount of sunlight, it clearly is the ideal period. Heavy rain, strong wind, and intense sun are obstacles in carrying out works. Under optimal conditions, the temperature should not exceed 25 ° C. If it is warmer, it is worth starting work early in the morning, stopping at noon, and finishing in the evening. It is also good to cover the walls with special grids that reduce heat input.

A facade renovation project realised with Cedral siding.

New modern solutions for endless facade renovation possibilities

We will all agree that we are in the ideal period to start your facade renovation project. However, this project is not just about replacing what was originally installed. It might indeed lead to the adoption of a new material hence a different final look but also in the installation of new decoration elements. Nowadays, a plethora of modern cladding solutions exist. Each of them offers you countless possibilities. Instead of wooden sidings, looking great but sometimes hard to maintain, you can opt for PVC or Fibre Cement.

Modern product technics enable Cedral to produce great wood-looking Fibre Cement cladding without the inconvenience of having to paint them every two years. As a matter of fact, Fibre Cement is much more durable and resistant to weather conditions than wood or even PCV. Check out how those materials stand the test of time in this infographic Cedral sidings are available in nearly 30 different colours, and their assembly is so simple that you can install them by yourself. If you don't feel comfortable with such a project, we can also put you through one of our installers. ^^

A facade renovation project taking place in the evening to avoid high temperatures.

Other formalities and tips from Cedral

Before starting your project, you might want to get in touch with your local administration. In some cases, changes to the facade of a family house require a permit.

Don't hesitate to order samples of the products you consider for your project. This will help you better apprehend the nature of the material you are about to install. You might also want to visit your local dealer to check out the various products available. Finally, we also suggest you consult the support section of our website. This will help you plan your facade renovation project thoroughly.

Do you still have questions? Our team of experts is always ready to help! Visit our contact page to send us a message. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

When is the best time to start your facade renovation project?

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^ Especially owners of older houses should use the warm months, i.e. spring or summer, to carry out necessary work on their house or have it done. In this way, the poorly or insufficiently insulated facade will not become a major cost factor for another winter.

^ ^ If you want to paint your façade, you should consider a few weather factors. The spring months can bring long rainy days. It is important to wait so that the facade of your house can dry out, because painting in unpredictable spring weather can lead to poor paint application. However, if the weather is too hot, the paint may dry too quickly and leave brush marks or streaks of paint on the façade.