Celebrate a magical Christmas - on your deck!

*Christmas is fast approaching, and so is the cold season. The whole family traditionally gathers in a cosy living room around the Christmas tree, and the deck is usually used just for putting up the Christmas lights.

But how about having a Christmas party outdoors for a change? After all, a well-appointed deck can be used all year round. We have created a checklist for your Christmas deck. Let us surprise you - read our blog article to find out how an outdoor Christmas party in 2022 is guaranteed to be a festival of joy!*

Celebrate a magical Christmas - on your deck!

Give your outdoor space a festive, welcoming look

Christmas decoration is almost a matter of belief in itself. Fairy lights, a decorated Christmas tree, LED spotlights or discreet lanterns - there are no limits to your creativity. We think your Christmas deck will be most radiant with a well-chosen mix of different decorative elements.

Apart from electrical Christmas lights, hardy plants are sure to be especially eye-catching in the sparse winter landscape. Ask for advice at a garden centre of your choice.

A decorated Christmas tree - real or plastic - adds an extra festive touch to your Christmas party. But be warned: pay general attention to a balanced ratio of colours and colour temperatures - otherwise your terrace will quickly look like a kitsch scene from an American Christmas movie!

Celebrate a magical Christmas - on your deck!

Create a balanced space ratio

Ideally, you should decorate your deck so that there is still enough space for you and your guests to move around without any problems.

If you already have Cedral decking, you can safely do without heavy carpets or anti-slip mats. And even if children or pets are running around in your outdoor area, there’s no need to worry - thanks to the R12 slip resistance class of our products, there is no risk of slipping, even in snow.

Professional tip: Create a balanced space ratio and offer enough standing and/or sitting room depending on the number of guests.

Celebrate a magical Christmas - on your deck!

A reliable source of heat for your Christmas deck is essential

Whether it's a pre-Christmas drink with colleagues, a Christmas party with friends or a big celebration with the family - our decks, balconies and loggias will get their big moment this year! Remember, you'll be spending a lot of time on the deck and will need a reliable source of heat, despite the warm clothing. So how about a fire pit?

In times of high electricity prices, a fire pit is first and foremost easy on your wallet and, with its crackling wood and glowing sparks, it reinforces the magic of Christmas once again! And no, there’s no need to worry - there’s no fire risk for our deck coverings thanks to their A2FL-s1 classification. So celebrate a warm and safe Christmas outdoors with your loved ones.

Bonus tip: Give the gift of Christmas joy!

If you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift, we highly recommend a voucher for Cedral decking. Thanks to the easy-to-use partner search on our website, you can quickly find a specialist partner near you and fulfil a long-cherished decking dream.

We wish you a Merry Christmas on your deck - or wherever you will be celebrating. If you are already planning a Christmas party on your deck, we would love to be part of it! Share your Christmas event on Facebook and Instagram under #cedralgermany and let us join in on your Christmas deck! Merry Christmas!