Relaxing, family-friendly outdoor living with Cedral Terrace

Katharina, Imran and their son Elias Jonas have been living in their beautiful house in Itzehoe, Germany, for six years. They have renovated their entire interior and are now planning an extension to make their home just right. The only problem is their exterior. Until recently, it had been neglected while the house was being renovated, and they were unable to enjoy their free time to the fullest. Until the day they decided to tackle its renovation thanks to Cedral.

Relaxing, family-friendly outdoor living with Cedral Terrace

A large-scale project

With 480 m2 of land, the Gorkas had a lot of plans: a dining area for barbecues with family and friends, a play area for Elias Jonas and a relaxation area for rest and yoga.

The challenge was immense though. The existing terrace, damaged by the weather, was unusable. As for the future relaxation area, once dedicated to chickens, it was abandoned to weeds. “We used to call this place the corner of same”, Imran recalls with a laugh.

But that was no problem! With the help of a few friends, the couple rolled up their sleeves to install two beautiful new Cedral fibre cement terraces.

Relaxing, family-friendly outdoor living with Cedral Terrace

A team effort

Self-taught Katharina and Imran learned how to use tools during the 6 years they spent renovating their house. These skills were very useful when it came to coaching their friends who came to help them!

The team began by installing a wooden substructure before screwing the Cedral Terrace planks into place. Within a few days, the dining area was complete and ready for the first guests to toast the success. The installation of the second terrace, in the relaxation area, went just as well. "This is the first time we have laid a terrace. If we managed do it, anyone can," said the young mother.

Relaxing, family-friendly outdoor living with Cedral Terrace

A result beyond expectations

The efforts have finally paid off! Elias Jonas and his parents now have a beautiful outdoor area to relax and enjoy. The old, damaged tiles have finally disappeared under an easy-to-clean fibre cement floor," says Katharina. It's nice to walk on it barefoot, and I'm reassured when my son starts to run because it's perfectly non-slip.