Cedral sidings for your porch, sun room, shed or carport

Cedral sidings are applied in all kinds of facade renovations and new construction projects. Not only for the home itself, but also for extensions, sun rooms, porches, sheds and carports. The possibilities are endless, from a sober colour to the application of accents.

fiber cement cladding for your house or garden

Gables and annexes

There is no need to limit yourself to the facade of your home if you enjoy the sight of Cedral sidings. Sheds, outdoor kitchens, sun rooms, porches and other annexes or outbuildings are just as suitable to be (partially) covered with our product. In addition, you can create a nice rhythmic effect by matching the colour of your carport to that of your facade. When renovating the roof of your home, you can have your gable and any dormers fitted with Cedral for a guaranteed flawless result!

Cedral Welt

Combining with other materials

Various materials are often combined in modern residential construction projects. Fibre cement makes for a perfect combination with other construction materials, such as brick, plaster and glass.

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