Our roof slate range



A premium fibre cement slate with the attractive appearance of a natural slate.



A smooth surface and dressed edges offers a traditional and pleasing look.

Advantages of Cedral roofs


Advantages of Cedral roofs

  • Size and quality uniformity; fibre cement slates are uniform in both size and quality; unlike natural slates which can suffer from inconsistent grading, size and thickness.

  • Strong and practical;  Fibre cement is lighter than clay, concrete and natural slates and has the advantage of being thinner whilst holding the same strength properties.

  • Lightweight; due to their lightweight, fibre cement slates do not require a heavy load bearing roof construction, which means less timber is required for the structure.

  • Efficient installation; Cedral slates are pre holed which supports efficient installation, less breakages and easy to work with.

Discover our company history

Discover our company history

Discover our company history

With over 100 years’ experience, Etex has grown from a small Belgian family business 'Eternit' into an international industrial group and has perfected the manufacturing of fibre cement building materials.

Cedral is designed for homeowners and is committed to build more beautiful homes around the world, to continuously improve existing materials and to drive innovation to generate new products and solutions.

Why choose a Cedral roof?

Durability & Longevity

Our fibre cement roofing range is extremely durable with a minimum life expectancy of 50 years


Cedral slates are one of the strongest slates in the market


Cedral slates are lightweight and easy to work with and can be placed on lighter roof structures without the need to strengthen them, making them an ideal option for both new builds and renovations

Range of supporting accessories

A complementing portfolio of roofing products includes a range of fittings and accessories for pitched roof ventilation, verges, ridges and hips and general fixings

Excellent weather and pest resistance

Cedral slates stand up to the harshest weather conditions and are immune to attack by pests and insects

Resistant to damp and bacteria

Fibre cement doesn’t rot, rust, warp or crack and is bacteria and algae resistant

Excellent fire performance classification

Cedral has a long-standing commitment to ensuring our roofing materials comprehensively meet the fire performance classification A2-s1,d0 to EN 13501-1:2018


We want to build a more durable world and bring sustainability to life. Each day we focus our business towards building a more sustainable world for those around us

Ideal alternative to natural slate

Cedral slates are the ideal alternative to natural slates. As Cedral fibre cement slates are made in our factories. This allows us to apply different colours and create different sizes. All while being uniform in size. Combined with different finishes, the aesthetic effects are virtually endless. This gives you many possibilities to express your individuality with your home.


Let our professionals install your Cedral facade

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