7 steps for installing Cedral Lap

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Find out how to install a Cedral Lap weatherboard, a fibre cement cladding. Cedral offers a complete cladding solution. Cedral offers a complete cladding solution. Installing Cedral is easy: the boards are easy to cut, there’s no need to predrill and there’s a comprehensive range of matching trims for a seamless finish. The only boundary is the limit of your imagination.

Getting started

Cedral Lap Chapter 1: Getting started

Find out how to correctly build the subframe and set out the battens and profiles ready for the Cedral lap planks to be mounted. Learn how to ensure correct ventilation and how to waterproof the timber battens.

Finishing under windowsills

Cedral Lap Chapter 2: Finishing under windowsills

Find out how to neatly detail Cedral underneath windowsills while still allowing correct ventilation and preventing excessive ingress of rain water.

Finishing a window reveal

Cedral Lap Chapter 3: Finishing a window reveal

Find out how to finish a window reveal using the correct Cedral profiles. This episode will show how to achieve a neat finish while protecting the subframe around the window from water.

Finishing a window head lap

Cedral Lap Chapter 4: Finishing a window head

Find out how to trim and detail the Cedral planks and profiles around window heads while allowing for required ventilation.

Joining Cedral Lap planks

Cedral Lap chapter 5: joining Cedral Lap planks

Find out how to join Cedral planks correctly to ensure a perfect finish. The episode will detail how to apply touch up paint correctly, join the planks and ensure the system is protected from rain.

Fitting around an external corner

Cedral Lap chapter 6: Fitting around an external corner

Find out how to fix Cedral lap around a corner. This episode details how to fix securely and neatly while ensuring expansion gaps are correct and there is suitable protection from rain.

Fitting Cedral Lap planks

Cedral Lap chapter 7: Fitting Cedral Lap planks

Find out how to fix Cedral lap planks. This episode will show you how to ensure all planks are securely fixed and how to fix the top plank with a colour coded Cedral screw.

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Installation guide

This brochure is your guide to preparing and installing a Cedral Lap façade. You will find tips and ideas, clear steps to follow, and the tools you will need.