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Fibre cement slates offer tons of advantages, making them ideal for renovation projects. The fact that they are lightweight, come in several different colours and can be fitted with an extra layer of insulation are just a handful of their best attributes.

Lightweight and economical

Cedral slates are a dependable solution and a convenient, versatile material suited to every renovation project. One of their key benefits is how light they are. They can be installed directly on the current roof structure without requiring prior reinforcement. What’s more, it isn’t necessary to provide additional support for facade renovations.

The slates are thin, and as a result don’t require much mounting height. This leaves enough space for maximum insulation of the facade, without going over the building line.


Nobody looks forward to major demolition works or a home choked with dust. With slates, fortunately, you can insulate the exterior of your home. That means no more discomfort or loss of space, and your home remains cosily liveable for the duration of the works. 


Our fibre cement slates also have near limitless options when it comes to creative finish. They give you the power to personalise your home. The wide selection of formats, layout designs and colours make the slates incredibly architecturally versatile. For instance, by installing them on the facade, you can quickly and easily achieve a sleek, contemporary look.

Slates are also the perfect complement to the traditional materials used in older buildings, e.g. brick, stone or wood.

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