Frequently Asked Questions 

How much do Cedral facades cost?

Please note Cedral can only offer a guide price. To obtain an accurate quotation for Cedral materials, please contact a Cedral stockist directly. As a guide price, Cedral when installed in a horizontal orientation is an estimated £77 per m2 for Cedral Click and £55 per m2 for Cedral Lap, this includes the Cedral boards, trims and related fixings only*.

To find your nearest stockist click here and select ‘Dealer Sidings’ from the drop down arrow before entering your postcode to return your results.

*Cedral and Cedral stockists cannot be held to this price; this guide price should only be used as an estimation to help you budget for your project and is an accurate guide price at time of communication only.

Is there a price difference between Cedral Click and Lap?

Prices per m2 will vary depending on whether you prefer Cedral Lap or Cedral Click. To find your local stockist click here, use 'Dealer Sidings' in the drop down.

How do I calculate the amount of material I need?

Thanks to our Cedral Material Calculator you can easily get a first estimate. All you need to do is enter a few simple measurements into the calculator and it will advise the amount of material you require. Your local stockist will also be able to help you with this to get a cost estimate for the materials.

Do Cedral have certified installers who can install cladding for me?

Yes, we have a network of installers which covers the whole of mainland UK. You can use our Cedral Select Professional tool to connect with a certified installer. Input a few project details to get a price estimate to then go on to connect with a Cedral certified installer to get an accurate price for your project.

Can I visualise what my project will look like?

Visualise Cedral on your home using our augmented reality app! Combining the latest AR technology and Cedral’s full facade range, our app allows you to virtually try different Cedral materials and colours on your home so you can visualise your new facade in just a few clicks. Our visualiser app is available on Apple app store and Google play store.

Where can I see examples of finished projects?

Visit our project page to get inspiration of completed projects. You can filter them according to product, finish, orientation and colour. Get inspired by many examples, from quaint traditional to ultramodern. We also have lots of inspiration on the Cedral Instagram page.

Can I order a sample?

Of course! Cedral offer samples for both our facade and roofing products. Simply visit our sample request tool and request your FREE product samples (4 available per request).

How do I estimate the total costs of my Cedral project?

Our calculator can help you estimate the material you need - through this tool you can request for an installer to contact you to provide you with a quote. You can use our material calculator tool here.

What is the cost for a professional to install Cedral for me?

You can use our tool to connect with a Cedral certified installers, known as Cedral Select Professionals. Simply input a few project details to get a estimated price on materials and installation to allow you to budget for your project. Then you can connect with a local installer to get an accurate price for your Cedral project. Connect with a Cedral Select Professional.

What are the advantages of fibre cement?

Cedral facades are resistant to all weather conditions (rain, wind, snow, UV...) and impervious to rot, mould and pests. Easy to install and low maintenance they are great value for money and have a long life expectancy.

Where can I buy Cedral products?

Cedral is available to buy through a nationwide network of stockists. See our Stockist locator to find your nearest.

Are Cedral profiles the same colour as the boards?

Yes, the profiles are available in the range of colours to perfectly complement your facade (excluding woodstain).

How best to store Cedral facades?

Please visit this page to find out more about correctly storing your Cedral facade.

Are Cedral products suited for all houses?

The fibre cement facade products are available in different colours with a smooth or a textured surface. They can be used for a variety of styles in single-family and multi-family homes, commercial or office buildings. The Cedral facade products are suitable as a facade cladding for both new buildings and renovations. Check out our project page to see how Cedral Cladding has been used on different building types. 

What accessories do I need?

The Cedral facade range has everything you need to finish your facade beautifully. Our screws and clips ensure the facade strips can be assembled properly and quickly. Cedral facades also has smart solutions for corners and edges with a full range of profiles in the same colour as your facade.

Can Cedral facades be installed vertically?

Yes they can. The versatility of Cedral Lap and Click enables you to install them both vertically and horizontally, creating unique designs. (please note Cedral Lap woodstain cannot be installed vertically). Our installation instructions show you how. When installing vertically, you will need to counter batten to ensure there is a clear ventilation path. Please contact our technical advisory team for further advice on 01283 501505 or

How to cut Cedral facades around the windows?

In our step by step guidelines we show an example how to cut the planks and also the profiles around windows. Important: ventilation is required above and below windows. For further advice please speak to our technical advisory team on 01283 501505 or

How do I fix Cedral facades?

We offer self-drilling stainless steel screws to fix Cedral Lap planks, so there is no need to pre-drill the planks. For visible fastening in reveal areas, our facade screws have drill points in Cedral colours. Installing Cedral Click is made easy thanks to the stainless-steel Cedral Click clips (or the clip and rivet for metal).

What tools do I need for the installation of Cedral facades?

Please refer to our Fixing Guide for a full overview of the tools required to complete your Cedral facade project.

Can I install Cedral facades myself? Fancy DIY?

Our installation guides and videos help you in every step of the process. As long as you follow the guidelines, you can clad your facade yourself.

How do I cut Cedral facade planks?

The method of cutting is dependent on the amount there is to be done. It is possible to cut the board with a handsaw, guillotine, electric jigsaw or circular saw. After cutting, wipe away dust with a clean, dry cloth.
Do not cut when wet or damp ,as the cutting dust will stick and stain. Note: Cutting and drilling must take place in a dry and well ventilated environment. Please refer to our Fixing Guide for a full overview on cutting Cedral facades to complete your project.

What is the difference with fibre cement and PVC?

Cedral weatherboards do not expand in heat, they are more resistant and therefore more stable over time. In addition, Cedral has an excellent fire rating of A2-s1, d0 fire classification read more here.

What is the difference between Cedral and other fibre-cement boards?

Cedral Lap is 10mm thick and Click is 12mm thick making is more shock resistant. Cedral planks are also 190mm wide meaning you can install up to 10 planks less per 100m2.

Is it an environmentally friendly product?

The Etex group is committed to reducing its environmental impact. To do this, we are setting up different programmes in order to change our practices and meet the environmental necessities of our times.
For example, more than 80% of the raw materials used by our manufacturing plant are transported by inland waterways to reduce our carbon footprint and decrease the number of lorries on the roads. Here is a link to Cedral's EPD.

What is the life expectancy of Cedral products?

Cedral facades have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years, when installed to Cedral's recomendations and maintained properly. Cedral slates are proven in application to have a minimum life expectancy of 60 years.

Why does Cedral need to be ventilated?

Cedral is installed to the ventilated rainscreen principle. This means the air can flow in at the base, behind the cladding and then out over the top.
The airflow behind Cedral facades enables the system to remove moisture. Impeding this process could lead to moisture problems within the system. This video explains why ventilation is so essential with Cedral cladding.

Can you insulate behind Cedral?

Yes absolutely! As long as you ensure the principles of the rainscreen cladding and ventilation are adhered to.

What is Cedral's fire performance classification?

Cedral has an excellent fire rating of A2-s1, d0 fire classification read more here.

Is Cedral facades an insulation material?

Cedral planks are not an insulation material by themselves. To reach a level of satisfactory insulation please contact our technical advisory team for further advice on 01283 501505 or

What are Cedral products made of?

Cedral planks are composed of fibre cement. This material is made up of cement, water and cellulose fibres. Read more here.

What is the purpose of a rainscreen?

Cedral facades are installed to the rainscreen facade principle. This allows your walls to breathe naturally, without being exposed to the weather. The ventilation reduces condensation and humidity that could lead to the deterioration of your wall. This is a good choice for a comfortable and healthy home. View our video on the importance of ventilation here.

Can I repaint Cedral facades?

For marks, cracks or chips use Cedral touch up paint. The boards can be over painted if required, we would recommend the use of a water based acrylic paint and primer. You will need to lightly sand using a fine grit sandpaper, after sanding wash down with a mild soapy detergent and air dry ensure that they are dust free, clean, and dry prior to painting. We would recommend that you paint two boards at a time working from top to bottom using either a brush or roller.

What to do in case of impact on a Cedral plank?

If an impact occurs on a plank during or after its installation, there are two solutions possible:

  • If the impact is minor (less than a few millimetres) you can use Cedral touch up pain
  • If the impact is extensive (more than a few millimetres) contact our technical advisory team on 01283 501505 or

What maintenance does Cedral facades need?

Maintenance for Cedral facades is very simple compared to other materials: for minor soiling, clean with soft household detergent or slightly soapy water, then rinse with clean water. For further information please read our maintainance guide.

How can I repair a chip or crack in my facade boards?

There are two possibilities to repair damage to a Cedral plank. For small cracks and chips, you can cover the blemish with Cedral touch up paint. If the damage is bigger (e.g. broken plank), then the plank should be replaced.

What is the RAL code for my facade colour?

Our handy guide will help you with the nearest available RAL codes. Please note that as Cedral colours are bespoke and not manufactured to RAL, this won’t be an exact match and we strongly recommend obtaining samples to ensure the colour matches your expectations. Not all of our colours have RAL matches: these are indicated by ‘n/a’.

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What our customers say...

Planning to build your dream home? Renovating your existing home? Cedral is here to help you with a wide range of colours and accessories. Thanks to our many design options, Cedral helps you create your individual finish. Request your sample to find out.

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