5 reasons to choose a Cedral Select installer for your facade

You didn't choose your fibre cement cladding lightly, so you shouldn't choose your installer by chance either. Choosing a craftsman with the Cedral Select label is a guarantee of quality and safety for the following 5 reasons.

5 reasons to choose a Cedral Select installer for your facade

1. Cedral Select recognised installers undergo training in the following areas

In order to obtain the Cedral Select label, installers of cladding (fibre cement planks) are first selected on the basis of their curiosity, their desire to innovate and their ingenuity.

They follow an in depth training course. which begins with an initial intensive training course. This is then complemented each year by a follow-up training course. In this way, you can be sure that your Cedral Select recognised installer is familiar with the technical specifications of your Cedral cladding and the 16 ways of installing Cedral panels on a fa├žade. For a facade unlike any other!

2. They have to prove their skills and reputation

To obtain and keep the Cedral Select certification, the installer must have at least one of his work sites audited by Cedral once a year.

5 reasons to choose a Cedral Select installer for your facade

3. They work with high-quality equipment

With this label, you are guaranteed that all the fixing elements and your fibre cement panels come from Cedral. You know that you are getting innovative, durable cladding and a facade that will last for (almost) a lifetime.

4. They benefits from technical support

On the work site and at any time, the installer can contact Cedral to solve any technical problems, get advice, and quickly obtain additional parts or facade elements.

5. They can provide references

Before signing a contract with an installer, it is always worth asking for references. Then you can go and see some of the work they have done and contact other customers to ask them about their level of satisfaction.

**How do you recognise and find a Cedral Select recongised installer? ** It's very easy. A Cedral Select recognised installer will be able to display the Cedral Select Professional logo on his website and/or brochures.

You can also check a list of professionals who have been awarded the Cedral Select certification here.

Do you want to see and feel for yourself what Cedral can offer you?

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Request a free sample to see for yourself

Studying product information is interesting, but at some point, you want to see and feel for yourself what Cedral has to offer. Request a free sample of your favourite colour and finish to help you make that decision. It will be your first major step towards your new facade.

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