5 reasons to choose Cedral Click for a modern facade

Fibre cement sidings are a robust alternative to other facade materials. They are durable as rock, but flexible as wood. Cedral Click is a modern facade cladding solution, made from fibre cement, with a patented tongue and groove system for easy assembly. It gives your home a natural and very exclusive look. Discover 5 advantages of Cedral Click for your facade.

Deventer waterwoningen Cedral Klik Træ

1 – Invisible installation and contemporary look

Sidings are traditionally fitted using a lap system: the top planks cover the upper part of the planks under them, creating a cascade system to keep the rain out. This means that the sidings always have to be placed horizontally and you clearly see the structure and installation of the cladding.

None of that with Cedral Click. These fibre-cement planks have a patented tongue and groove system that easily fits together creating a flush facade surface. Thanks to this integrated click system, you can put the planks horizontally or vertically without risking water infiltration. Add to that, the choice between a woodgrain and smooth finish and you have plenty of design options to give your home a stylish contemporary look.

Joining Cedral Click planks

2 – Quick, easy and cheaper installation

The tongue and groove system has been long used for floor boards. With Cedral Click the same user-friendly system is now also available for your facade. The patented click system makes installation quick and easy, ideal for DIY. And even if you prefer a professional doing your façade, with Cedral Click it will go a lot faster (and cheaper).

Cedral Click comes in planks of 3600 x 186 mm, with 12 mm thickness, making them more robust than other fibre-cement alternatives. The planks are easily cut to size with a tungsten tipped blade. Each plank weighs only 12.20 kg so they are easy to carry and lift into place. Count 1.6 sidings per square meter facade. The complete range of assorted Cedral profiles and trimmings make the pretty picture complete.

Cedral Click w kolorze czarnym

3 – Colour authenticity guaranteed

Cedral Click (and the profiles and accessories) are available in a wide range of authentic colours. Choose from the 11 standard colours (ranging from white, cream, beige and grey to black) and 10 special request colours for more creativity. This way you will surely find the colour that fits perfectly to your home and its environment.

The Cedral fibre-cement sidings are painted at the factory with UV-resistant paint, which makes the colour last for years on end without the need for repainting. Because the colour ages particularly well, Cedral even gives a 10-year colour guarantee on its fibre-cement facade planks. So you can rest assured that your home will keep its beautiful looks.

Diepenbeek Cedral Click Wood C03

4 – Low maintenance and long lifespan

Fibre-cement is known for its big dimensional stability. It doesn’t budge when temperatures rise or fall, unlike PVC for instance. Due to their composition, the Cedral facade planks are impervious to rot, rust, pests and algae. No need to stain or paint them every second year, as would be the case for wood. Fibre-cement facade cladding will last you a lifetime.

Cedral facade cladding only needs minimal maintenance during its long lifespan. When dust or dirt accumulate on the planks, you can simply wipe them down with some soapy water, and they are as new. As the planks are very robust, they can resist quite some impact (e.g. bouncing balls, parked bikes), making them suitable for all types of projects.

5 – Best-in-class fire protection

Last but not least, Cedral sidings also offer you the highest protection when it comes to fire. The fibre-cement material has a fire rating of A2-s1, d0, one of the best available. This mean that this product is non-combustible and it doesn’t generate smoke or fire droplets when exposed to fire. This makes Cedral Click a safe choice for your home.

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