Cedral sidings

The ideal alternative to traditional cladding, easy to maintain and resistant to mold. Hard as stone, beautiful as wood, our Cedral sidings range offers you different solutions depending on your needs.

Cedral Lap planks are designed for traditional overlapping whereas Cedral Click planks fit perfectly together, creating a modern and contemporary façade. Both are existing in two finishes, smooth or relief. Also, Cedral Board allows you to cover all the singular points of the façade in perfect harmony with the sidings.

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For renovations and new builds

Here at Cedral we know how important it is to get the right look for your home. You want it to reflect your personality. At the same time, you want a home that stands the test of time. Our project gallery shows how Cedral meets your demands, whether it is for a new build or a renovation. Take a look and be inspired!

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