Boronda is a fibre cement slate with a smooth surface and rounded edges to facilitate the drainage. Boronda comes in a quadrangular shape with 4 right corners or in a mitred shape with 2 cut corners. Boronda has a warranty of 30 years on the intrinsic qualities, 15 years on a homogenous and consistent evolution of the appearance and 10 years againt appearance of lichens.



  • Water beads off the slate and reduces the accumulation of dust, dirt and moss.
  • Rounded edges ensure excellent water drainage properties.
  • Ultra-resistant coating repels dirt and water.
  • Scratch-resistant finish.
  • Mainly used for roofs.

Available sizes

Color 40x27 45x32 60x32 rounded edges 60x32 straight edges
Zinc grey v v v v
Dark grey v v v v
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