Cedral Calculator

Cedral Calculator for your facade cladding

An easy tool for a personnalized estimation.

Convinced by our Cedral fiber cement siding? Now you need to know more about the amount of blades needed.

Cedral simplifies this stage of your project by providing you with its 100% free online calculator

Cedral Calculator

Using the Cedral Calculator

In order to give you a realistic estimate of your needs, the calculator invites you to select:

  • your country: our product range and the quantity required according to local installation constraints can indeed have an impact on your estimate.
  • the product of your choice: Cedral Click (click system installation) or Cedral Lap (interlocking installation)
  • the desired finish: relief (imitation wood) or smooth
  • the installation orientation of the boards: horizontal or vertical
  • the option with or without framing of the openings
  • finally, the desired color among our 31 possibilities
Cedral Calculator

Taking into account the dimensions and openings of your facade

The second step is to enter all the dimensions of the elements that make up your facade: walls, gables, windows, doors, corners and stop profiles.

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